Brasa Church is the Young Adults movement of Igreja Brasa, a centenary baptist church wih over 15 campuses spread in Brazil and in Portugal. Our vision is to reach and impact the city of Porto Alegre and its 2 million inhabitants through a new generation of christian leaders, who will work to advance the kingdom in every sphere of our society.


How it all began


A little over two years ago a group of 15 people came together with a mission and desire to reach the young adults of Porto Alegre. The vision was simple; communicate what the saving grace of Christ can do for a generation. Not through a display of religious culture, but through love. We live in a time and land overcome by disbelief, discouragement and indifference.

However our conviction was, and is, that if a person can have a personal experience with Christ, this is enough to completely transform their life. Our role, is to do the best within our ability to create a home where people meet and experience God, but are also adopted into a great family.

Saturday after Saturday, month after month we continued to build around the structure we knew. During the week, we met in a small group to further develop the design of our services. Our aim was to create a service in which each and every person would feel seen, heard and made to feel important. At the same time we wanted to facilitate the best possible worship experience. 

What we have seen, as the result of hard work and continuous prayer, has been incredible and humbling. We have seen young adults freely and gracefully receiving the love of God and having their lives changing. Since our doors opened over two years ago, we have witnessed testimony after testimony of single moms finding a place to call home, lonely individuals encountering life-long friends, those with no hope finding peace and purpose, 600 weekly attendees and over 2,000 decisions for Christ. Our single team of 15 has grown into 10 teams of 12 or more. The division of labor amongst the teams ensures that the technical, relational and teaching elements of our services are covered in a manner of excellence. 


As we look to move forward we realize, as you mentioned, that previous and present growth does not guarantee future growth. For this reason we are stariving to learn from those that have gone before us, but also from those that walk alongside us. The work that Hillsong Cape Town has accomplished has both excited and encouraged us to continue dreaming and continue learning.

We know and understand that Brasa Church, and what we as a young adults ministry are experiencing, is the result of a work that began before we even arrived. We are part of a vision and a movement that began within Ministerio Brasa and will continue long after we have gone. As we continue to learn from the past and are expectant for the future, we believe that greater things are to come, and this is but the beginning.

- Why we would like you to be our special guest: 
South Africa is a nation that hosts many of the same social and cultural challenges that we face here in Brazil. As the Lead Pastor of Hillsong Cape Town, you have no doubt been exposed to these challenges, and felt their weight. However, with joy and perseverance you have continued to build the church and have witnessed unprecedented growth. 

When reading your latest publication titled “Extreme Ownership: Thoughts on growth and fruitfulness” our hearts immediately identified with what you wrote on having lived and experienced in South Africa. The world has seen both the political and economic conditions currently plaguing Brazil. Corruption and scandal are a daily, almost normal, part of our society. What the world has not seen, however, is how these conditions have impacted our generation. If not lead to revolt or commit suicide, many young people fall into hopeless indifference.

Your testimony of leadership has inspired and filled us with hope that it is possible to see the kingdom of God not only flourish, but also completely transform a nation like Brazil.